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Adventure starts
at the South Gate

Closer. Quieter. Better.

Algonquin Park South Gate

A Better way to arrive

Time is valuable and since the journey is the destination we know you’ll love the trip to the South Gate. Some say the roads leading here are more scenic than the rest and we can assure you they are shorter. Don’t expect multi-lane highways or backed up weekend traffic, this is the quiet more serene way to where you want to be.

from Toronto

– 2hrs 56 mins –

Skip the traffic on the 400 and drive the beautiful scenic 115. You’ll soon be surrounded by trees, not trucks.

from Ottawa

– 2hrs 46 mins –

Explore a new way into Algonquin Park and enjoy the amenities at South Gate.

from Peterborough

– 1hrs 32 mins –

A quick and easy drive up the 115. Avoid the longer drive, larger crowds; and get straight to nature!

About Us

Discover the South Gate

Generations of adventure seekers have chosen to step into the stillness of Algonquin Park looking for a breath of fresh air and to disconnect. Far removed from the bustling East and West gates we like to think of our local access as being a much more relaxing experience. Our local partners are ready to accommodate you and invite you to stay, eat and play in the South Gate.

Our Partners


Our accommodation options are as Authentically Canadian as they come. Find out more or book an overnight stay with one of our accomodators.

Our Partners


Enjoy freshly prepared meals.

Our Partners


Get outfitted for adventure when you arrive or book a guided adventure.


As much as we’d like to think that you might keep this place a secret, we know you won’t – at least not until you reach cell service again. Tag #algonquinsouth or tell a friend! We welcome you back to Algonquin Park’s south gate to tread lightly and leave with more memories to last a lifetime.

Those foggy days between Christmas and New Years, when you lose track of time. 🕒 ...

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The Woodland Cottage at southalgonquinresort sleeps 8 people and is fully winterized, making it the perfect spot to relax and get cozy after a day outside in the snow. ...

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Winter wonderland at southalgonquinresort ❄️☃️
We invite everyone to visit our park this winter, whether it is to stay in one of our cottages, or to enjoy a delicious meal at ampmoutdoorgourmet, or just to purchase some premium fuel for your snowmobile. We hope to see you soon!

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Hello December! 👋 ❄️☃️ ...

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Hint of the northern lights tonight at the Algonquin Eco-Lodge.


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Sweet Sixty Series -2🎨 Second 5x7 oil painting based on a beautiful day at Algonquin South. Love all the foliage including the older trees than have their own stories to tell. ...

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The final weekend of our 2023 season was particularly special, as David and Nicole got married. Our friends at White Pines Photography, once more, recorded this special day.


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